Die Hipster Redux

2014-09-23 15:39:10 by sofake

nearly finished getting this old POS back together for a newgrounds exclusive edition. 

new features will include a scoreboard to track who really has too much freetime on newgrounds and over a dozen medals to unlock, more than half of which are on the redonkulous side of the spectrum.



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2014-09-23 17:10:26

As long as the controls aren't so fucking hopelessly unresponsive and clumsy this time around, I'll be happier with the new one regardless of anything else.
Literally couldn't finish the first one, just because of not being able to move around properly.


2014-10-10 13:20:21

funny since I had the urge to get all the available medals including 100 dead hipsters, lol
Not a bad game in general