Reworking in Circles

2014-09-10 15:58:09 by sofake

so I've been getting back into newgrounds. it has made me want to get some of my old stuff, which has either died off or become "app only" back in some form or another on the internet. having just converted it to the android platform, I decided it was a shame that no one really had access to walking in circles anymore. (the domain had lapsed, etc.. believe me when you sign up for the 7 year domain name thing you really think "well that's it, I'll never have to worry about that again..").. ten years later you get a few emails "hey what happened to walking in circles?"

anyway, I had to whack some stuff out of the ending to get it to fit, but I'm going to make it live shortly. I figured out the API thing, which for someone like me, should be considered a minor miracle. I have to say the medal system is cool and rewarding and a snap to setup. all thanks to newgrounds for all of these things.

at some point in the future I'm going to look into resurrecting Die Hipster from the ashes.. with medals and high scores and of course a shameful link to the ipad version. (how dare anyone try to make money off their work??)


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2014-09-11 03:04:28

Loved the remake. A shame you couldn't fit in the end stuff. Either way, was fun to play it again. Welcome back!


2014-09-11 16:15:16

When I first started playing it, it seemed eerily familiar... but how long ago was Walking in Circles first posted online? I watched an awful YouTube walkthough done by some kid many years ago, I like the improvements to the arrows... still needed to use Tab to get me more than halfway...

I really liked all the bonus materials, and fake manuals and such, you've got a talent for the ludicrous! Hope to see more of your work soon!


2014-09-21 02:17:53

Ipad version... do you mean full version? I understand wanting to get paid for your work but you have to prove its worth paying for first and seeing how walking in circles is incomplete that doesn't re-assure me that your works worth paying for... I mean cutting out part of the ending???? that's just asinine, its the end ,the conclusion, the part that makes people go oh I get it and you cut it out???? why not cut out some of the useless pointless crap in the middle of the game?? but what stumps me is you could fit it all on an android but not on the internet... I don't get it....